Reading the Bible with understanding

Do you believe that the Bible is true? Do you believe that it is full of fairytales? Or are you indifferent about it? Whatever you believe, there is no denying that the Bible is a book of tremendous influence. In fact, three of the world’s prominent religions claim to be connected in some way to the Bible. According to the online query tool Wolfram Alpha, the combined number of adherents to Christianity, Islam and Judaism makes up a little over half of the entire population of this planet! That means that half the people on the earth are in some way associated with the Bible.

However, even though the Bible is one of the most influential books of all time, so many people don’t even know what it says. Even people who believe the Bible can be shockingly ignorant of what is contained within its pages. I’ll admit though, understanding the Bible can be a daunting task, and it’s not for the faint of heart. I know if I were trying to understand the Bible for the first time I would need a ton of help (and I’m not exaggerating!). That’s why we are offering a free 7 week introductory course on the Bible. If you do not know much about the Bible, but want to know more, why not go to bible and register for this course. It will make a world of difference to your understanding of this wonderful book!

-David Keating


One is made to wonder if the Middle East will ever experience lasting peace. The reasons for the many conflicts are difficult to understand accurately and completely. One thing is evident there seems to be a lack of interest in peace. Religious fervor takes center stage as the main player. With that comes uncompromising positions and intolerant attitudes towards others of different faiths. Currently the formation of ISIS in Iraq and Syria is creating fear beyond its geographic area. Many Western states are fearful that the extremist views being promoted will not stay in the Middle East. The concern is that extremism will be brought to their doorsteps by returning nationals bent on spreading their cause. That cause being the spread of Islam and subjugation to Sharia Law. Their violent and abhorrent behaviour has brought condemnation throughout the world. In reality ISIS resurrects a time gone by when Islam was spread through threat of death … Islam or the Sword. It doesn’t matter if you are a Muslim either if you don’t subscribe to their brand of faith. Moderate Sunnis and members of Shiite sect of Islam fall under their hateful intent. Israel and the Jews are in their gun sight.

This brings us to Hamas in the Gaza strip. Hamas is another Sunni group but supported by Shiite Iran that brooks no compromise with the Jews. Iran also supports the Hezbollah in Lebanon which is also labelled as terrorist organization. Hamas and Hezbollah are intent on destroying Israel. The recent conflict is the continuation of a war that began with Israel’s creation in 1948. Most Muslim Arabs have never accepted Israel nor their ancient claims to the land on which they now live. Therefore the ongoing war cannot lead to peace but only a cease fire and only if it doesn’t help the Jews. In Hamas’ case it’s merely a time to rebuild their depleted military strength. To live to fight another day. Peace for them is Palestine without Israel.

It is clear from the condemnation heard from certain countries and organizations concerning Israel’s disproportional responses to Hamas rockets, missiles, suicide bombings and kidnappings that they do not understand the conflict. It’s not about numbers. It’s about a nation struggling to stay alive.

It’s not the purpose of this article however to discuss or debate these contentions. Rather to impress upon the reader that these things are a prelude to greater and more catastrophic events. The current situation is extremely fluid and unstable. No one knows how everything will end even if it will ever end. However, God, who knows the end from the beginning, has revealed some details of events of the last days in His word, the Bible.

The Bible is all about Israel. Past, present and future. God reveals through certain prophets that Israel will be the center of a worldwide conflict that brings Divine intervention. The reader may be familiar with word “Armageddon”. It is an event which brings the current world order to an end and gives birth to a new era of peace under the reign of Christ. The sign that indicates we live at the end of the old order is the existence of Israel. As promised Israel has been restored after nearly 2000 years of being a non-entity. Amazingly few people appreciate the significance Israel’s revival. Without Israel other prophecies related to God’s purpose with the earth and men cannot be fulfilled. To learn more about what is soon to happen, I recommend taking a listen to the YouTube presentation below entitled Gaza Conflict – Prelude to Global Judgement.